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SME Marketers : Get more leads.. A straight forward, rewarding route to expand your business

Will FA officials resign? .. UK firms freeze marketing spend .. IAB … NewVoiceMedia .. E-goi … Online video overtakes banner ad spend Check this marketing newsletter now! Your time will be well spent. Getting more exposure leading to quality leads. That is the objective of theMarketingblog newsletter which gives SME’s etc. a straight forward [more…]

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Laughter Spot : The one about a Pub called the “George and the Dragon”

A homeless guy is travelling down a dark country lane, tired and hungry. He comes across a Pub called the “George and the Dragon.” Although it’s late and the Pub is closed, he gently knocks on the door. The innkeeper’s wife sticks her head out of a window. “Could I have some food please?” he [more…]

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Mobile eCommerce – Facts for a successful online shop

Smartphones and tablets are replacing the classic desktop. Therefore it is hardly surprising that more and more mobile shopping is taking place. To make the online shopping experience as straightforward and as enjoyable as possible, your online shop should be optimised for tablets and smartphones. By Herbert Buchhorn* MOBILE OPTIMISATION – A NECESSARY EVIL? In [more…]

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Research : 427 million people will be watching esports by 2019

Why Companies Should Include eSports in their Marketing Strategies As with many things in the digital world, the answer is in the data. Several companies, both large and small, have been the early adopters of esports into their marketing strategies but how important is it really? These are few reasons why we think your company [more…]

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What’s next for Online Casinos? 3D to VR

Online casinos are constantly on the lookout for new ways to improve the gambling experience of their consumers. In the past two decades, the casinos have evolved steadily and the latest technologies have been adapted to offer the players the most realistic experience possible. From playing with high-resolution 3D graphics, live casino games with real [more…]

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NewVoiceMedia wins AI Global Excellence Award for inside sales technology

NewVoiceMedia, a leading global provider of cloud contact centre and inside sales technology that enables businesses to have more successful conversations, has won a 2017 AI Global Excellence Award in the Best Sales Software category. The awards programme was launched by Acquisition International to recognise and reward the firms and individuals whose commitment to sustained [more…]

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