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Latest : Unilever, YouTube, Cannes, WPP, Apple .. via MAD London

Unilever’s Weed Named Forbes’ Most Influential CMO YouTube Introduces New Immersive Virtual Reality Format, VR180, At VidCon Audience Is King And Other Musings From Sorrell-Howard-Kraft Chitchat At Cannes WPP, Unilever Invest $15 Million In Celtra Apple News Gives Publishers (A Bit) More Demographic Data Load your own articles into theMarketingblog  

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Criticism of the DUP has plunged into outright hypocrisy … By Jenny McCartney

Nobody expected to wait quite this long. Not the sections of the London press that railed so vociferously against the very notion that Theresa May might do a deal with the Democratic Unionist Party. Not the bulk of the Conservative and Unionist party that had, just recently, repainted the fading letters of “and Unionist” on [more…]

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New relationship born between Epiphany and Stokke

International premium baby and children’s furniture manufacturer, Stokke, has appointed Epiphany, a Jaywing agency, to handle its digital marketing activity. As well as developing a new website for the high-quality brand with ongoing CRO, Epiphany will manage Stokke’s multilingual PPC, display and paid social strategy. Epiphany will be supporting Stokke, headquartered in Norway, to drive [more…]

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Combining digital marketing with offline marketing

The digital world is still a relatively new concept in comparison to traditional marketing methods, only becoming mainstream in 1999 and growing even larger since then. Practically everything we do has some form of online component nowadays, whether that is a connection to the web that makes the experience smoother and enhances it or a [more…]

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8 ways remote video conferencing helps you run your remote teams better

It’s hard enough to manage a team, but running remote teams is an entirely different ballgame. Here’s how picking the right video meeting tools can help you manage your team with better, more efficient results:   Eliminate Travel Video, first and foremost, removes the need for travel. That has a number of possibilities. Just calculate [more…]

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Will customer service lose the human touch?

10 years ago customer service was a very different concept. Apple introduced the iPhone on 29th June 2007; now in 2017 it is not uncommon that businesses aspire to be as customer-centric as the technology giant. Customers still expected great service however they weren’t in as much of a hurry as they are today, with [more…]

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