How to Choose a Web Hosting Provider?

While there are a number of great publishing platforms and blogging sites available online, a bad web hosting provider can rub off all the good aspects about them. An inefficient web hosting provider can have negative implications on search rankings and your online authority in the long run. Picking a good hosting provider is of utmost significance especially when you need the ability to scale your website with the growing audience quickly. It gives you the resiliency to handle immense bursts of high traffic.

But the main question arises, how to choose the best web hosting provider from the lot available online?
1. The most important consideration while choosing a hosting provider is to decide how much hand-holding you will need plus the basic customer services it provides. Technical support will vary from one provider to another, and you need to figure out which one is offering you 24-hour phone support.

2. Knowing your anticipated traffic is another crucial aspect when deciding your hosting provider because you will be charged according to your storage and bandwidth usage. If you’re sure about reigning on top of almost all the search results related to your product, it is important to have a higher bandwidth. Depending on your requirement of bandwidth, hosting services are available in a wide range of prices ranging from few dollars a month to thousands of dollars.

3. There are more than many types of servers designed for customers like you. There are shared servers as well which are the cheapest because hundreds of websites run on a single hosting box. Your site’s performance can be affected a lot especially when all the other websites put the load on that box simultaneously. Even if the server has numerous great features, shared hosting will severely limit your access to the server’s capabilities.

4. Several hosting providers try to tempt customers by offering unlimited storage and bandwidth for only a few bucks per month. But do you think you can benefit yourself from such low grade and feature-less hosting providers? Hence, do not compromise quality for a few dollars and look for sensible offers.

5. Make sure to avoid being locked-in to any one host and pick a portable content management system. An open source content management system is a perfect consideration while picking your web hosting provider.

So keep these aspects in mind and get started to take your site up onto the internet.

from Domain Qube


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